Living History

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Картинка к книге Rodham Hillary Clinton - Living HistoryАвтор: Clinton Hillary Rodham

Hillary Clinton's memoir focuses on her eight years at the White House - what she lived through, how she felt about her experiences then and now, why she made the choices she did - in short, a very personal book. She talks about all the political events and highlights and about Bill Clinton's impeachment. She feels it is time to put the record straight on many issues on which she has not been able to speak out. The book covers her principal areas of interest such as the welfare of children, the status of women internationally and social justice. This is a woman whose steely resolve and intelligence proved the bedrock of her husband's presidency and whose courage when he let her down impressed women everywhere. Her determination to succeed in her own right provides a powerful role model.

ISBN: 978-0-7472-5524-6, мягкая обложка
Категория: Headline Publishing
Книга 2004 года, 592 страниц

Цена: 1159.00 руб.

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